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  Aug 17th, 2023  
Pepper & Peaches


Fruit/Vegetable Beer
India Pale Ale (IPA)
6.70% ABV - 60 IBU


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Pepper & Peaches from Claremont Craft Ales
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Pepper & Peaches IPA pours a golden, pale amber color. Mostly clear but not completely transparent. Head is about one finger thick. White and soapy with tons of lacing on the glass. Aroma is strong and peach heavy. On the taste, it's a nice West Coast-style IPA with peach flavors and a unique twist with pink peppercorns. There's a bit of spice from those peppercorns, accompanied by an accumulating bitterness. Fresh and fruity peach flavors. Pale malt backbone that supports all those hoppy flavors. Mouthfeel is dry but also juicy. Finishes with a bit of fruitiness and plenty of bitterness. This could even be a Strange Brew - unique and very tasty from start to finish!


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