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Beer of the Day has bills to pay, just like everybody else. This includes: web hosting, e-mail and text message services, audio/video equipment, bandwidth, advertising and, of course, beer. As a user of the site and listener of the podcast, here's how you can support us:

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You can do your Amazon shopping through our link. It doesn't cost you a single penny more, but it gives us a small kick-back.

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Ride with Uber

Brewery hopping? Too many good beers to try at the pub? Let Uber do the driving. You stay out of jail, and we get commission when you sign up and do your first Uber ride.

Just click the banner below, or if you are out at the bar, remember to go to:

Craft Beer Club

Looking to try some non-local beers from around the country? Need a gift for a beer enthusiast? Get 12 Beers per month mailed straight to your door.

Simply signup using the banner below.

Brew Demon

Want to get started brewing your own beer? Brew Demon has starter kits and brewing supplies to help you get on your feet.

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Another way you can support us, and it doesn't cost a single dollar, is to tell a friend about us. Anyone who you think would appreciate Beer of the Day or the Podcast, send them a link.

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