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  Aug 4th, 2020  


Hazy IPA
8.00% ABV


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Sabrosa from Almanac Beer Co.
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Sabrosa pours a hazy golden color. It is translucent but not opaque, or not as hazy as a beer can get. It bubbles up with a ton of carbonation on the pour that then settles down to a thin layer of wispy foam. The aroma is reserved but reminiscent of the tangerine fruit cups kids would take in their lunches back in the days when there was such a thing called "school". The flavor is light and refreshing, a mix of wheat malts and tropical fruit. Tangerine, pineapple and a little bit of orange dominate the taste buds. IPAs are generally at least somewhat bitter either though the pine-like hop qualities or the grapefruit pith kind of bitterness. This beer features neither of these qualities and instead steers right into a truckload of fruity sweetness. This has the effect of being a very approachable beer for non-IPA drinkers. It also could be seen as shying away from qualities that IPA drinkers traditionally expect. That being said, if you enjoy a beer on the sweeter side, this beer is a good one to choose because of the unique blend of fruit flavors that render the 8% ABV all but imperceptible.


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