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  Apr 2nd, 2021  
Time Crystals #5


Bière de Garde
6.60% ABV


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Time Crystals #5 from Standard Brewing
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Appearance is non-transparent, orangish amber, almost like a dull, rust color. There’s a good amount of visible sediment that is suspended evenly throughout the beer. Thin, ½ finger, wispy, off-white head that dissipates quickly. Huge aroma, with oak barrel notes, some Brett funk, and lots of fruit. The taste is quite good, with apple, apricot, guava, and cherry. We also get some spice flavors of cinnamon and clove. The wood and barrel-aging flavors are present, but there’s not as much of the farmhouse funk or yeast that we found in the aroma. Medium body and light carbonation that results in a silky, slick mouthfeel. Overall, this reminds us of a beer version of a brandy-spiked apple cider and it’s really delicious.


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