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  Jan 7th, 2022  
Tax Holiday (Port Barrel Aged)


Belgian Strong
Christmas Ale
10.00% ABV - 32 IBU


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Tax Holiday (Port Barrel Aged) from Taxman Brewing Co.
4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
This beer was featured in
Podcast: Christmas Show 2018
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The port barrel aged version of Tax Holiday pours a light brown color with a reddish hue. Aroma has some spice and herbs as well as hints of red grape. The flavors are rich and malty, with spice and herbs up front, much like the aroma. Then you notice the influence of the port-wine barrels, which smooth out the flavors and add a lot of dark fruit like cherry and fig, as well as dark chocolate and honey. But it's not sweet. Compared to the non-barrel aged version, this tastes like a completely different beer. Several different flavors, clearly changed by the barrel aging process, and it's surprising that both are exactly 10% ABV. While they may be very different, each has great qualities that make them worthwhile options for the winter season.


Firekiller7576's Photo
Firekiller7576 Jan 7, 2022 at 8:43PM
I am not a huge Belgium fan felt that the Port Barrel helped this beer however I felt like that was the predominate flavor. I was mixed but was good enough that on a cold night I would try again.

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