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  Sep 15th, 2019  
Punkin Ale


Pumpkin Ale
7.00% ABV - 28 IBU


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Punkin Ale from Dogfish Head Brewery
3.9 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
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Podcast: Some Pumpkins
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Very clear, pale amber color with lots of tiny bubbles that ascend from the bottom of the glass. Head is one finger thick, white, frothy, and pretty long lasting. Aroma like a regular Brown Ale with an inviting dark malt sweetness. It carries over into the taste, with caramel malt and bready flavors. The pumpkin and spices are present, but they don't overwhelm by any means. Medium body and medium carbonation. The brown sugar really shines in the finish. Not too sweet, but just enough to remind you what kind of beer this is. Overall, we like this beer and find it to be a solid option during Pumpkin Beer season.


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