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  Sep 27th, 2016  

New Belgium Brewing

Lips of Faith - Blackberry Barleywine


Strange Brew
10.00% ABV - 50 IBU


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Lips of Faith - Blackberry Barleywine from New Belgium Brewing
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Blackberry Barleywine is a reddish amber color with a perceived purplish hue that may or may not actually exist. It's thin, wispy head dissipates quickly. It has a dark fruit aroma with only a touch of blackberry. Flavors consists of bready malts up front with a bouquet of strong fruit flavors including cherry, plums and blueberry. The taste starts off fruity and bold in the beginning, then smooth and sweet in the finish. The blackberry flavor exists mainly as a tartness in the aftertaste as the thick beer coats your mouth. There is quite a bit of booziness, as a barleywine should, but there is very little kick. An oaky quality and the strong fruit flavors keep this a drinkable and very accessible barleywine.


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