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  May 6th, 2022  
Scary Jesus Rock Star


Pale Ale
Strange Brew
6.50% ABV - 24 IBU


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Scary Jesus Rock Star from Dark Horse Brewing Company
3.5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.
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This Pale Ale pours an orange copper color with lots of visible sediment that floats throughout the beer before settling to the bottom. Just based the aroma, this qualifies as a Strange Brew as it smells incredibly different from pretty much any other beer that we've tried. Fruity and flowery with apricot and chamomile, but also honey in the aroma. The taste is well balanced between the malt and hops, but there are so many other flavors that really make this unique. The chamomile hits you right off the bat, and the apricot is a little more reserved but still very established. We also picked up on chai, raspberry, and boysenberry. Lots of honey flavors, especially on the back end, but it's not a sweet beer. Exactly as advertised, this Strange Brew sounds interesting and the flavor does not disappoint.


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