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  Apr 4th, 2023  
Blueberry Trainwreck


Triple IPA
11.50% ABV


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Blueberry Trainwreck from Matchless Brewing
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This collaboration with Triceratops Brewing Company pours a pale amber color with over two fingers of white, frothy head that seems to last forever. Webs of lacing cover the inside of the glass. Aroma is dank with notes of blueberry and tropical fruit. Taste follows the nose. Mango and papaya, but the berry flavors dominate. Especially as the beer warms, the ripe blueberry intensifies. The taste is delicious, and it's full bodied with a boozy 11.5% bite. It's clearly sweet on the finish, but not overly sweet as you often get with this style. Impressive balance compared to most Triple IPAs. A respectable bitterness shows up late. This is a really nice TIPA and one that tempers the sweetness, allowing the hops to shine in a high alcohol beer.


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