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  Aug 14th, 2016  

Golden Road Brewing

Wolf Mother Triple IPA


Triple IPA
11.20% ABV


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Wolf Mother Triple IPA from Golden Road Brewing
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Wolf Mother from Golden Road is the biggest beer from the biggest brewery in L.A. Clocking in at 11.2%, this is an incredibly strong beer, as you should expect from a Triple IPA. It pours a cloudy, light golden color with very little carbonation. It has a slim white head and strong lacing. The smell is inviting with malt sweetness mixed with pine hops. The taste, however, separates the wolves from the pups. It smacks you in the mouth, mixing an overwhelming amount of sweet malts and piney, grassy hops. It is flavors are intense and the booziness is real. Yet it finishes sweet on the aftertaste leaving you to wonder if it was all a figment of your imagination.


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