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  Jun 25th, 2016  

St. Peter's Brewery Co Ltd

St. Peter's Cream Stout


Milk Stout
6.50% ABV


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St. Peter's Cream Stout from St. Peter's Brewery Co Ltd
3.2 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.
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St. Peter's Cream Stout isn't like the stouts you get from the left side of the pond. It pours dark, nearly black, with minimal cream head that doesn't stick around for the first sip. It smells like roasted malts, maybe a little brown sugar, but all very subtle. Where it differs from American stouts is in its super low carbonation that makes the mouthfeel quite light and very velvety. It's smooth as silk, creamy, and if you close your eyes and imagine a little, you'd nearly think you're drinking chocolate milk. It's pretty chocolatey on the nose, with dark molasses and roasted malt flavors bringing up the rear. A slight bitter finish comes in quite late. Better to drink this one quick, we enjoyed it better cold.


cantaloop's Photo
cantaloop Jun 25, 2016 at 3:42PM
It is over a hundred degrees outside today and at the moment, this beer doesnt sound good.

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