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  Aug 15th, 2018  
Strawberry Blonde Ale with Ginger


Blonde Ale
Strange Brew
5.20% ABV


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Strawberry Blonde Ale with Ginger from Buffalo Bill's Brewery
3.5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.
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Podcast: Cold Beer on a Hot Summer Day
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The Strawberry Blonde Ale with Ginger pours a cloudy, reddish orange hue with a thin, sleek head. The aroma is powerful, with an onslaught of ginger as soon as you start to pour into your glass. With your first sip, it's all ginger at first, but then transitions into a juicy, fruitiness that mellows out the ginger to the point where you don't even taste the ginger anymore. The fruits take over, with a lot of strawberry, but also tropical fruits like lychee, guava, and passion fruit. If you love beer like we do, don't be scared off by this style. Give this a try because it's really an impressive brew.


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