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  Nov 4th, 2023  


Fruit/Vegetable Beer
Wheat Beer
4.80% ABV


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Flora from Hill Farmstead Brewery
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We recently took a drive through the beautiful Vermont countryside in the middle of fall and visited Hill Farmstead Brewery. One beer we brought back home to try is called Flora. Flora is a fruity sour beer that pours a very cloudy pale, iridescent yellow color with a thin white head. It has about as funky an aroma as you will ever find in a beer, and that may take a moment to adjust to. But once that happens you can truly enjoy what Flora has to offer. This beer has an intense flavor that starts off with a puckering pear and sour apple flavor that then transitions into sweet peach. It has far less funk on the taste than it does on the smell and is careful to balance it with the other fruit flavors. This is a rare beer, but definitely worth trying if you can get your hands on it.


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