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  May 24th, 2017  

Lake Effect Brewing Co.

Cerise de Michigan


Blonde Ale
Sour Beer
7.50% ABV


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Cerise de Michigan from Lake Effect Brewing Co.
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Cerise de Michigan pours a beautiful peach-like color somewhere between red and orange. The thin head takes the form of a bubbly film on the top of the beer and the moderate aroma is fruit-forward with tart cherry and raspberry notes. The taste is very fruity as well, featuring a blend of cherry, green apple, blueberries, and under-ripe strawberries. It falls mid-range on the sourness scale with quite a bit of mouth-watering tartness balanced by some sugar sweetness in the aftertaste. It is aged in wine barrels and this imparts some oaky characteristics to the flavor. There is also a slight brininess that lends some gose-like salinity. Through all of this, the beer manages to remain refreshing and the 7.5% ABV is not noticeable. This is definitely one to look for from Lake Effect.


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