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  Oct 27th, 2016  


7.50% ABV


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KillaPilz from Voodoo Brewing Company
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KillaPilz is a slightly hazy, golden yellow color with a medium amount of dense white head. The aroma is pleasing, like a field of wildflowers being pollinated by honey bees, with bready maltiness and natural honey sweetness. The taste melds a heavy corn grain flavor with eight types of European hops. It manages to blend those hops in a way where the hop flavors are reserved enough that it doesn't elevate the beer to IPA levels. However, it is bold tasting and has a high enough alcohol content to where it clocks in at the high end of the lager spectrum in both those qualities.


youhadmeatdarkbeer's Photo
youhadmeatdarkbeer Oct 27, 2016 at 2:14PM
what a wonderful option in our fair city.....and hopefully it will be served at brew: The Museum of Beer planned for Pittsburgh

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