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  Feb 10th, 2015  
Bard's Tale Dragon's Gold


Amber Lager


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Bard's Tale Dragon's Gold from Bard's Tale Beer Company
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Dragon's Gold is light amber in color and the head consists of champagne-like bubbles that dissipate soon after the pour. This is a gluten-free beer made from sorghum, so it tastes a little different than your average lager. But we're sure Dragon's Gold is a welcomed addition to the supermarket shelves for those with Celiac Disease or are otherwise gluten-intolerant.


GBurell517's Photo
GBurell517 Sep 23, 2021 at 1:52PM
I miss bein' able to get this!!
I loved it sooo much! Tastes grand and gluten free! Brilliant!

I am an actual "Bard" (musician/vocalist). I also gave this as a part o' the prize to the winner o' a Medieval Bardic Competition I sponsored and hosted.
I used it in cookin as well so tis very versatile!
I really do miss this product!

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