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Mobile Phone Features (SMS)

SMS Beer of the Day

Daily Beer of the Day Text

If you want, we can send you a text message with the Beer of the Day each day. We send you a photo of the beer and a link to check it out on the website.

You can also respond to this message with a number (1 thru 5) to rate the beer. Or you can type a message and we'll place it in the comments section for that beer.

In your Notification Settings, you can choose what time of day you want to receive the text message. This way, we're not messaging you in the middle of the night.

Upload Photos

If you took a photo on your phone of a particular beer and want to upload it to the website, all you have to do is text it to BOTD!

We'll ask you what beer it is and figure out where to put it up on the site.

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