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  Sep 14th, 2017  

Copper Kettle Brewing Company

Vanilla Bean Mexican Chocolate Stout


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Vanilla Bean Mexican Chocolate Stout from Copper Kettle Brewing Company
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Copper Kettle's Vanilla Bean Mexican Stout pours extremely dark brown to black, with a chestnut colored medium head. It smells overwhelmingly like cinnamon. The mouthfeel is very heavy, with the carbonation acting to almost sting your mouth with the chili that comes at the front. Dark chocolate and burnt malts is next, sitting heavy on your tongue, followed by a dessicating cinnamon finish. The vanilla bean is almost imperceptible. The chili lingers in your mouth like an overly hot salsa you can't shake. Overall it's a pretty formidable stout - but if you can't handle the heat, this might be too much to handle.


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