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  Sep 26th, 2017  

Uinta Brewing Company

Uinta Fest Helles


Helles Lager
5.50% ABV


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Uinta Fest Helles from Uinta Brewing Company
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Podcast: Oktoberfest 2017
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Uinta Fest Helles pours an almost clear, but still a bit hazy, golden straw color. Aroma is light but has some cracker-like characteristics. Taste is light and refreshing, with some grain and wheat that provides just a bit of sweetness. Floral and grassy hops, but the hops are light. No flavor overwhelms, and the mouthfeel is thin and dry. Easy drinking with a crisp finish that ends sharply. If you’re celebrating Oktoberfest, this is one that you could drink all day long.


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