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  Aug 4th, 2017  

Silver City Brewery

Time Traveller (2017 Release)


Imperial Stout
9.20% ABV - 60 IBU


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Time Traveller (2017 Release) from Silver City Brewery
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Time Traveller is dark black in color letting close to zero light through. The head is dark brown colored with patchy light and dark spots. The aroma is reserved with just a slight amount of bourbon and a little alcohol burn. The taste also makes it clear it's imperial with plenty of bourbon and booze, but it goes down incredibly smooth for being 9.2%. Some imperial stouts are beers that you share or beers that you sip, this one you don't mind keeping to your self. It has a very traditional stout flavor, utilizing 9 different malts to pair a slight toffee sweetness with intense earthy, burnt barley malt. You don't have to be a time traveller to enjoy this one, just let a year in the fridge pass naturally before opening.


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