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  Aug 6th, 2017  

Rogue Ales

Rogue Paradise Pucker


Fruit/Vegetable Beer
Sour Beer
6.00% ABV - 5 IBU


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Rogue Paradise Pucker from Rogue Ales
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Rogue Paradise Pucker pours a moderately hazy apricot color, with a thick white head that bubbles down to a thin coating across the top. The aroma is tropical fruit all the way, with a bit of fresh hop peeking through at the end of the nose - what's noticeably missing from the smell is any funk. Sweet guava and perhaps a little grapefruit acidity is predominant at the front, with clear passionfruit bringing up the middle, and a very pleasant tartness bringing up the rear that balances out the sweetness at the beginning. Further sipping yields much more complexity, bringing out some apricot, lychee, mandarin and an interesting creaminess. The carbonation is medium to high, and the mouthfeel is on the heavier side of medium. All in all, this is a bright and biting tart, and really enjoyable offering from Rogue that seems a little out of their norm.


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