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  Jun 1st, 2015  

Pyramid Breweries

Pyramid Curve Ball


Blonde Ale
5.00% ABV - 18 IBU


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Pyramid Curve Ball from Pyramid Breweries
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Curve Ball is a crisp, dry, blonde ale that pours a golden color with a light head and a slightly cloudy consistency. It has a slightly citrus taste of the lemon variety and an herbal malt flavor. This summer offering from Pyramid has a lot of character and certainly does the trick on a hot day.


rpauloz's Photo
rpauloz May 4, 2017 at 12:44PM
Pyramid Curveball is the bomb! Outstanding beer. In the summer this beer is the only beer you will find in my fridge. I just wish I knew what the winter equivalent is. Can someone tell me? Does Pyramid make an Octoberfest brew?

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