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  Mar 2nd, 2016  

Bootlegger's Brewery

Plum Riot


Belgian-style Dubbel
7.80% ABV - 11 IBU


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Plum Riot from Bootlegger's Brewery
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Plum Riot pours a murky, orange rust color with lots of tiny bubbles. “Rust” sounds bad, but it’s actually a beautiful, inviting color for a beer. This is a Belgian-style dubbel with plum flavors from start to finish. But the plum is pleasant and not overwhelming. And the plum seems to enhance the more traditional Belgian flavors of yeast, clove, bread, and honey. It’s a little sweet but also a little tart. Overall a really tasty beer and one we’d like to see Bootlegger’s make year round!


jhmiller's Photo
jhmiller Feb 27, 2016 at 9:04PM
I was fortunate to try this twice recently. First on tap at the brewery in Fullerton and shorty thereafter from a bottle. Both times this beer was fresh, flavorful, and well carbonated. I think plum should be used more often with Belgian-style beers as it really compliments the traditional Belgian flavors. Highly recommended - this is a winner.

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