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  Oct 29th, 2016  

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Pinchy Jeek Barl


Pumpkin Ale
8.50% ABV - 20 IBU


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Pinchy Jeek Barl from Anderson Valley Brewing Company
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Podcast: It's the Great Pumpkin Show
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The Pinchy Jeek Barl is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Pumpkin Ale. It pours a pretty dark reddish brown color. The aroma is all bourbon – in a positive way this beer reeks of Wild Turkey bourbon, possibly some still in the barrel when the beer was added. Taste is much the same, with tons of bourbon and just a bit of subtle pumpkin flavors. The barrel also imparts some vanilla and oak flavors, but also some sweet coconut. Finish is incredibly smooth. Well balanced and delicious, this would age well and might keep you warm on a cold night well past this Halloween!


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