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  Feb 27th, 2017  

Bootlegger's Brewery

Mint Chocolate Porter


6.10% ABV


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Mint Chocolate Porter from Bootlegger's Brewery
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Color is super dark brown with a thin head. Smells amazing with cocoa and mint, and you can really “feel” the mint in the aroma. Taste is malt forward but the chocolate is a little more reserved that we were expecting. The sweetness is also light, with a flavor that is more like molasses than chocolate. Hops are floral and earthy, and the mint really takes over with some medicinal peppermint notes from start to finish. Almost as if you took some of those Andes mints and melted them into liquid form. Light bodied and refreshing, this seasonal porter is quite appropriate for this time of year.


JM562's Photo
JM562 Feb 27, 2017 at 3:24PM
I came across this on mark down. It was $3$ I bought the last 5 available. I've tried it once and will revisit it this weekend. Cheers guys.

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