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  Jan 13th, 2018  

Boulevard Brewing Co.

Love Child No. 8


American Wild Ale
Flanders Red Ale
8.20% ABV


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Love Child No. 8 from Boulevard Brewing Co.
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This iteration of Love Child pours much like the others, a nice apricot with reddish tint, and substantial cream colored head that laces. The aroma is nicely sour, lots of Brett funk comes through with notes of oak. The taste is a more intense acetic sour than No. 6, and on par with No. 5. It's a layered complex flavor, starting with a lactic tartness of cherry and oak, with perhaps some peach in there somewhere. Belgian yeast is noticeable and complements the slight earthiness you get towards the end. The carbonation seems a little low, especially given the medium mouthfeel but overall it's a solid sour.


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