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  Apr 28th, 2017  

High Water Brewing

Le Petit Diablotin


American Wild Ale
6.00% ABV


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Le Petit Diablotin from High Water Brewing
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Le Petit Diablotin pours a beautiful, hazy, coral pink rose color with thick white head. Acetic acid wafts out of the glass to meet your nose punctuated with dark cherry. It's medium bodied and well carbonated, leaving the sour to dance on your tongue. The taste is fairly complex, but we picked out dark cherry first, then pomegranate, and lastly perhaps slight oak. Its acidity is what makes it difficult to pick those flavors up in the first few sips, but once the pang of sour in the back of your cheeks fades, it's a wonderfully good wild ale that finishes slightly dry.


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