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  May 14th, 2018  

Odell Brewing Company

Green Coyote Tomatillo Sour


Berliner Weissbier
Strange Brew
5.10% ABV


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Green Coyote Tomatillo Sour from Odell Brewing Company
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Green Coyote pours a light, golden straw color with light carbonation, very little head, and a slight haze. It smells very much like a gose with hints of fruit and saltwater. While the beer is light in body, it is strong on taste. It pairs kiwi and cucumber flavors with an herbaceous cooling mint and a lemon sour tartness. There is the slightest bit of spice in the aftertaste that, in combination with the fruit and the saltiness, gives it a similarity to green salsa and is therefore perfectly named. A beer unlike any other, this tomatillo sour is an experience worth trying.


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