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  Mar 9th, 2016  

Golden State Brewery

Golden State Heritage Honey Ale


Golden Ale
5.70% ABV - 22 IBU


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Golden State Heritage Honey Ale from Golden State Brewery
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This Heritage Honey Ale was surprising. It pours barely hazy with a minimal cream colored head. It's a beautiful golden carrot color and has champagne-like bubbles that give it a good effervescence. The aroma is very pleasant and crisp, honey and orange blossom dominate. There's slight biscuit hiding behind the sweet smell. The aroma is truly indicative of the taste - definitely honey and a slight citrus with bready yeast in the background. The sweetness is reserved, partnering with a citrusy tartness that keeps the finish in check. It's not complex but it doesn't need to be; it's simply and well done. It's a crisp and bright beer, perfect for long hours of sipping by the pool in the heat.


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