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  Sep 10th, 2017  

Maui Brewing Co.

Double Overhead Double IPA


Double/Imperial IPA
8.50% ABV


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Double Overhead Double IPA from Maui Brewing Co.
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Double Overhead pours a deep gold color, mostly clear, with a thick, soapy, white head. The head thins to a film, leaving lots of lacing on the glass. Citrus dominates the hoppy aroma. Taste is similar, with orange, lemon, and lime, along with some grassy and floral hop flavors. Maybe some pine resin as well. Malts take a backseat, but they are still noticeable. Medium body with a dry, well carbonated mouthfeel. Medium bitterness, like a ripe grapefruit in the finish. Overall, this is a great tasting DIPA that we were happy to find here on the mainland.


kentksmn's Photo
kentksmn Sep 20, 2017 at 9:32AM
Maui Brewing finally came to MN! Double Overhead here is a great beer, tasty and very drinkable for a DIPA. The Maui Brewing regular IPA is good too but not as good as this. Maui Brewing's other standout is the Coconut Porter. The blond Lager is a decent gateway beer, the the other 3 are all much better

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