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  Dec 2nd, 2017  

North Coast Brewing Co.

Cranberry Quince Berliner Weisse


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Cranberry Quince Berliner Weisse from North Coast Brewing Co.
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This beer pours a very clear salmon pink with heavy effervescence and a frothy white head that peters out quickly. The aroma is a light fruitiness marked with wheat, and smells crisp. The taste is quite light and dry, like a cranberry sparkling wine. The cranberries add a tartness that is crisp that moderates any sweetness on the finish. If the quince is there, it's very mild. The carbonation is heavy and the mouth feel is light. It's hard to believe this is a beer, because blindfolded we'd say it's more closely related to a nice rosé.


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Alex1989ca Dec 2, 2017 at 3:18PM
Got debbie 40 dollars

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