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  Nov 26th, 2016  

Claremont Craft Ales

Claremont Grapefruit Double IPA


Fruit/Vegetable Beer
Double/Imperial IPA
8.50% ABV - 100 IBU


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Claremont Grapefruit Double IPA from Claremont Craft Ales
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Claremont Grapefruit DIPA pours a very clear, amber copper color. Effervescent with lots of fine bubbles. Head is a thick, foamy white and long lasting. Tons of grapefruit in the aroma. On the taste we find a light malt bill and loads of hoppy citrus. Real, authentic grapefruit flavor, not the artificial taste that we find in some beers. The grapefruit definitely dominates but it doesn’t overwhelm. Pretty bitter, but it’s a pleasant bitterness with a very dry, lingering finish. 8.5% and 100+ IBUs, this is pure Double IPA and if you enjoy grapefruit, this is one to seek out.


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