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  Oct 12th, 2018  

High Water Brewing

Campfire Stout with Coffee


Coffee Stout
7.50% ABV


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Campfire Stout with Coffee from High Water Brewing
2.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
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Podcast: Stouting Match
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Campfire Stout with Coffee pours a dark brown color with a thin, khaki colored head. Aroma has a bit of the smoky campfire aroma, but the coffee is pretty muted in the aroma. Taste has toasted or burnt malt, and the coffee is more pronounced. The coffee flavors are more like bitter, cold brew without any sweetness at all, which us coffee drinkers appreciate. And it's pretty hoppy for a stout, which might contribute to the bitterness. Light to medium body, almost like a heavy porter. Mouthfeel is dry and highly carbonated. We prefer the original Campfire Stout but that beer sets the bar very high.


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