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  Sep 19th, 2017  

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Barrel-Aged G&T Gose


6.50% ABV


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Barrel-Aged G&T Gose from Anderson Valley Brewing Company
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The Barrel-Aged G&T Gose pours a deep, hazy golden color with a thin, white head. The aroma is confusing but pleasant - it smells like a gin and tonic, with lemon, juniper, and sourdough notes. There's a slight hint of bourbon peeking through. It's well carbonated and has a light mouthfeel, letting the saltiness play on your tongue. The taste is confusing and complex in the best way because it's not immediately clear if it's a beer, or a cocktail. It's pleasantly tart and has a briny quality to be expected of a gose, but it also has notes of botanicals, citrus, sea salt, vanilla, caramel and maybe even slight chocolate. Overall, this is a very unique and brightly acidic beer and although it sounds super unconventional, it works beautifully.


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